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Sculptureworks' Kids Site

Hey Kids! This is your own special site for sculpture education and fun!

Experience Sculpture and Express Your Artistic Side!!

Kids, you can give sculpting a try yourself!

If you would like to try sculpting clay with your own hands, ask a parent to provide you with some modeling clay. Ask for oil-based, non-drying modeling clay if possible (available at art specialty stores). Oil-based clay is very special in that it can always be changed and reshaped. It might get a little bit hard if you leave it exposed to air, but once you start working with the clay in your hands again it will soften back up so that you can sculpt something new every time you work with it.

Begin by making simple stick figures, and work your way up to more advanced sculptures. Use pencils, wire, or other strong objects as armatures (supports) to help hold up larger sculptures.

No special tools are needed to sculpt. All you really need are your hands!! Just use regular household objects, such as toothpicks, to give your sculpture fine details.

Keep your sculpture on a piece of board or thick paper while working on it. Do not place it directly on your parents' furniture, as it might stain!! Store extra clay in a resealable plastic bag or in a container with a lid.

(Note to parents: DO NOT attempt to harden, or "fire", a sculpture made of oil-based clay in your household oven. Oil-based clay will melt and possibly ignite.)

kid sculpting in danville
Some students make their own sculptures at the 2003 Sculptureworks, Inc. "Touching Leaves . . ." Sculpture Show and Sale in Danville, IL. Photograph by Elizabeth Loggins.

kid sculpting in keller
A young artist receives some helpful assistance at the 2003 Sculptureworks, Inc. "Sculpture Along the Trinity at Bear Creek" Sculpture Show and Sale in Keller, TX. Photograph by Elizabeth Loggins.

kids art journal
A drawing by a sculpture student at the 2003 Sculptureworks, Inc. "Touching Leaves . . ." Sculpture Show and Sale in Danville, IL. Photograph by Elizabeth Loggins.
After you view sculpture or other artwork, you can also express your artistic side by drawing pictures of the art you have seen. Or, if writing is more your style, try writing a short story about a piece of sculpture, or a poem that expresses your emotions that a piece of sculpture might give you.

If you are multitalented, you can choose to both draw and write, like in the booklet shown to the left. The booklet was made by students like you, who wrote about their favorite sculptures and drew pictures of what they saw.

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