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rosetta rosetta

"The Challenge"
Bronze, Edition of 24
15" H x 22" L x 12" D

"The Challenge" won the Award of Excellence at the "Wild Cat Art" exhibition in CA. It has also been part of the Society of Animal Artists' traveling exhibition, the Colorado Governor's Invitational, "Animals of the World" at the Smithsonian's Conservation Research Center in VA, and "Great American Artists" in Cincinnati.

the challenge
Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"Whereas the female members of a lion pride may stay together for their entire lives, the dominant male, whose job it is to protect the pride and its territory and mate with the females, is often driven off by a younger, stronger male after only a few years. Two magnificent male African lions are depicted here at the moment before physical contact, the challenger hoping to wrest control of the pride from its master. Each is putting on his fiercest display, hoping the other will back down before an actual fight becomes necessary. I like to think that that is what will happen here, as these confrontations can often result in the death of the loser, and I find the loss of one of these awesome creatures to be very sad, indeed." - Rosetta

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