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rosetta rosetta

"Serengeti Cheetah: Vanishing Species" - SOLD OUT
Bronze, Edition of 12
3.5" H x 20" L x 14" W

"Serengeti Cheetah" has been exhibited in the Colorado Governor's Invitational.

serengeti cheetah
Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"This piece was created in response to a request from the East African Wild Life Society. They were planning a fund-raising auction and asked for pieces with the theme: "Wildlife in Danger - An Understatement". Number 1 of the edition was sold in Kenya. The subtitle for this sculpture is "Vanishing Species." The cheetah is one of the most endangered of all of the big cats due to a lack of genetic diversity, its inability to defend its cubs against the lions that kill them, as well as the habitat loss that threatens them all. When the cheetah lies in this characteristic pose, half hidden by the tall grasses of the Serengeti Plain, he seems to be disappearing into Mother Earth, perhaps forever." - Rosetta

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