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"Seated Cheetah" Maquette
Bronze, Edition of 100
21" H x 12" L x 12" W

"Seated Cheetah" Maquette has been exhibited at the National Sculpture Society and in Central Park Zoo (Society of Animal Artists) in NY, the Colorado Governor's Invitational, the two-person "Cat Spirit/Cat Strength" exhibition at the Beacon Street Gallery in Illinois, "Great American Artists" in Cincinnati, the Smithsonian's Conservation Research Center in VA, and the "American Women Artists" in Sorrento, Italy.

Also Available:
"Seated Cheetah" 1.25 Lifesize
(Two Versions: Mirror Images Facing Left & Right)
Bronze, Edition of 10
50" x 27" x 17"

seated cheetah maquette
Photograph by Mel Schockner.
seated cheetah maquette
Photograph shown in "Southwest Art" magazine in April of 1997.

"The cheetah is best known for its speed, but an adult seldom runs except while hunting. Unlike the lion, who can usually be found sleeping all day, the cheetah often spends his leisure time looking around. Any high spot - a rock or mound of dirt - will do for a vantage point from which a cheetah may spend hours watching for prey and surveying his surroundings. The picture of grace and elegance in any pose, the cheetah depicted here is the personification of dignity and purpose. Struggling in a losing battle against extinction, the cheetah has no time for frivolity." - Rosetta

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