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rosetta rosetta

Bronze, Edition of 12
8" x 10" x 4"

"Sabre-Tooth" has been exhibited in the Colorado Governor's Invitational, the National Museum of Wildlife Art in WY, "American Women Artists" in Santa Fe, NM, "Animals in the Atrium" at the National Sculpture Society in NY, and the Western Rendezvous of Art in MT.

Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"Who hasn't fantasized about the awesome creatures, long extinct, that used to roam our earth (especially our continent!) back when man was as much a part of nature as they were? And none could have been much more fearsome then the sabre-tooth cat. The amazing canine teeth on these animals seem to defy reality. How could they possibly be put to use without getting in the way? But the jaws of these creatures (not of the lineage of felines as we know them today) opened so wide as to allow the teeth to be sunk deep within the huge prey these animals routinely attacked. Superbly equipped with muscular bodies about the size of today's lions (with shorter, stouter legs, longer necks and shorter lower backs), and those incredible sabre-like teeth, these "cats" were about as fearsome predators as one can imagine. They were not, however, as intelligent as today's felines who learned early on not to get caught in the tar pits that have given us so much of our fossil information about the sabre-tooths. And the felines did, after all, survive to give us the magnificent cats we admire today. The sabre-tooth did not." - Rosetta

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