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rosetta rosetta

"Roaring Lion" - SOLD OUT
Bronze, Edition of 12
10" H x 16" L x 4" W

"Roaring Lion" won awards from the Allied Artists of America, St. Hubert's Giralda Animal Art Museum, and Louisiana State University.

roaring lion
Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"This piece is the result of a weekend spent at Shambala, Tippi Hedren's private preserve near Los Angeles. The part of that experience that impressed me the most was the roaring sessions. I'd be sitting alone, watching the big cats in a natural, nearly silent setting, when a deep, resonant roar would start up on the left, joined immediately by one to the right, another in front, another behind, and another and another until the air was filled with the most incredible sound and vibration that permeated my whole being. Then, gradually, the chorus would taper off until one last lone roar would die out to nothing and silence would reign again. I spent much of my time there watching two magnificent black-maned lions whom I observed during many of these roaring sessions and who became the inspiration for this sculpture." - Rosetta

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