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rosetta rosetta

Bronze, Edition of 50
8" x 6" x 5"

"Misty" has been exhibited in "American Women Artists and the West" at the Tucson Museum of Art, the Nicolaysen Museum of Art in WY, the Society of Animal Artists Annual, and the Colorado Governor's Invitational.

Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"Misty was one of my cats, a Birman. The irony is that I created this sculpture before I had the good fortune of finding her as a kitten at the Humane Society. I had decided to do a Birman because their seal-point coloring, medium-long (silky soft) fur, and very fluffy tail make them, to me, one of the most beautiful of the domestic breeds. I have discovered after adopting Misty that they are also one of the sweetest. Unfortunately, Misty died in 1999. Her ashes are in my Artist's Proof of this sculpture." - Rosetta

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