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rosetta rosetta

Bronze, Edition of 24
9" H x 7" L x 7" W

Photograph by Mel Schockner.
Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"In many ancient civilizations the lion stood for the embodiment of power: in Greek mythology it symbolized watchfulness; Lions stand as guardians at the gate of the Hittite capital; in Egypt the Sphinx guards the Nile and the pyramids; in early Islam the lion was the guardian of water and thus a symbol of life itself; and he was sacred to the Buddhists as defender of the law and protector of sacred buildings. This small sculpture, depicting the lion as "Guardian", is proud and vigilant in keeping with his illustrious heritage, yet he presents a friendly and welcoming image, protective of the well-intentioned. The stepped-pyramid design wood base is reminiscent of ancient civilizations whose use of the stepped architecture was reserved for the most sacred and important buildings. All were watched over by the mythological beasts of their respective cultures." - Rosetta

"Guardian" has been exhibited at the Colorado Governor's Invitational, the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, the "American Women Artists" at Nedra Matteucci Fine Art in Santa Fe, and at the Albuquerque Museum in NM.

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