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rosetta rosetta

"Defiance" Maquette
Bronze, Edition of 24
6" x 22.5" x 10"

Also Available:
"Defiance" Lifesize
Bronze, Edition of 6
24" x 88" x 44"

defiance maquette
Photograph by Mel Schockner.
defiance maquette
Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"Defiance…of the intruder; of the threat; of the odds. The magnificent tiger is under siege from all sides. Snarling with teeth bared, tail twitching, every muscle taut and ready to spring, this cat could be defending its dinner or its cubs from an intruder or it could be warning a challenger to back off before things get nasty. But the threat is much greater than any of those, as this most beautiful and awesome of big cats is in grave danger of becoming extinct in the wild. Man's quest for ancient cures derived from its body parts has proven stronger and more relentless than this splendid cat's struggle for survival. But the mighty tiger remains defiant." - Rosetta

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