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rosetta rosetta

"Cheetah Stretch"
Bronze, Edition of 18
18" H x 41" L x 12" D

"Cheetah Stretch" has been exhibited in "Animals in the Atrium" at the National Sculpture Society in NY as well as in the Colorado Governor's Invitational.

cheetah stretch
Photograph by Mel Schockner.

"Every house cat does it, every wild cat does it: that unmistakably feline stretch, with the graceful roller-coaster sweep of the spine, neck and front legs stretched to the limit, and claws extended for a refreshing revival of every muscle on line. But the pose seems made for the cheetah. The slender, long-legged cat with the small head is the picture of grace in any position, and this classic stretch seems to have been designed to show off his incredible physique. Perhaps my most favorite of all cats, the cheetah is an artist's dream of a model. Its stately personality and built-for-speed streamlined body, unmatched in grace and flexibility, never ceases to provide another great pose to tempt the sculptor's hand." - Rosetta

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