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rosetta rosetta

"At the Waterhole"
Bronze, Edition of 24
14.5" x 24" x 20"

"At the Waterhole" received the John Stephen Jones Purchase Award as well as First Place for Sculpture from the Bosque Conservatory Art Council in 2001.

Also Available:
"At the Waterhole" Maquette
Bronze, Edition of 24
5" x 8.25" x 7"

at the waterhole
Photograph by Mel Schockner.
at the waterhole
Above: "At the Waterhole" is shown on display at the Sculptureworks, Inc. 2003 "Sculpture Along the Trinity at Bear Creek" Sculpture Show and Sale in Keller, TX. Photograph by Elizabeth Loggins.

"Some may think of elephants as just big round shapes on cylindrical legs, but I find fascinating nuances of line and form in their huge and expressive bodies. This, and their great heads - the bony structure so evident under the wrinkles of skin, the undulating shapes of their colossal ears, and those eyes, so deep, so sad, so wise - inspired me to do this sculpture. Since elephants live within such strong social bonds, the females staying in family groups all their lives, I put two together in this statement of closeness and interdependence, as one stands watch while the other drinks at the waterhole." - Rosetta

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